Thinking Sustainably

Marie Kondo inspired millions to throw out items that do not “spark joy” in their lives. Her best selling novel, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, sparked a trend that grew into a Netflix Series. She has truly shown how de-cluttering can lead to a transformational change in one’s life. Following this increased public interest in organization and idea of tidying up coupled with increasing awareness about the importance of sustainability, there seemed to be gap in how the two are linked. Thus, we created a blog called “Thinking Sustainably.”

The purpose of this blog is to highlight how organization can help increase sustainability efforts. The blog is run by 5 students in the Masters of Public Policy and Global Affairs Program, who after working with the SUS executive group on a project about storage organization and avidly binging on Marie Kondo’s Netflix show, were inspired to share tips and lessons learned on how to stay organized in order to be sustainable! Our hope is that this blog can help inspire student groups to be more sustainable through easy organization tips and behavioral practices. If you love organization and want ideas on how your student group can be more sustainable, check out our blog and leave a comment!