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Lind Initiative Recap: Robert Bullard and the Politics of Place

The School of Public Policy and Global Affairs kicked off the 2019 Lind Initiative speaker series last week, with this year’s theme being “America and the Climate Crisis.” The first event featured Professor Robert Bullard, whose talk discussed the links between social inequality, racism, and environmental issues in the United States.

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Chinese Mining Interests in Ecuador Are Forcing Farmers Out of Their Communities

Mirador is the biggest mining project in Ecuador. Initially owned by the Australian company BHP Billiton (1994), it was acquired by the Canadian company Corriente Resources (2004) and handed to the Chinese consortium CRCC Tongguan, through its local subsidiary Ecuacorriente (2010). On 2012, the Ecuadorian government signed a 25-year contract with the latter and projected to receive up to US$ 280 billions back then when copper prize was almost double in the international markets.

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Karachi Heatwave: Quick Facts and Essential Steps Towards a Management Plan

According to the report published in July 2015 by the Ministry of Climate Change, Government of Pakistan, the heatwave that occurred in Karachi from June 17 to 25, 2015 caused the loss of more than 1200 human lives. The maximum recorded temperature was 44.8°C on June 20. As per the heat index, it felt like 66°C to the human body due to high humidity and low wind speed. According to experts, a heat index greater than 54°C puts people in extreme danger of heatstroke, which was the main cause for the casualties in Karachi.

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