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The Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs (MPPGA) program is a 20-month professional master’s program delivered by the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs (SPPGA) at UBC’s Vancouver campus.

Here you will find articles, podcasts, and other digital content that discuss wide-ranging policy issues across the world, such as sustainability, foreign policy, and international development. While being critical and respectful, we encourage anyone to join our conversation and engage with us.

Aside from our diverse array of policy insights, The Pub is also the home of the MPPGA Student Association, the official student body representing the program. We organize socials with faculty members, help fellow students develop professionally, and connect with the greater UBC community.

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2018–19 MPPGA Student Association
Executive Team


Ros Seibert


Ros was born and raised in West Virginia. He graduated from West Virginia University with a BA in International Studies, specializing in Intelligence and National Security policy, and received his MA in International Politics from the University of Manchester. Ros then spent nearly five years in Washington, DC working in the United States Senate where he helped handle a range of legislative issues for Senators Jay Rockefeller and Joe Manchin, including foreign policy, defense and national security, trade, and the environment. Ros also spent time as the “bodyman” to Senator Bill Nelson, where he was responsible for driving, maintaining the Senator’s schedule, and staffing him at events on and off Capitol Hill. Through the MPPGA program, Ros aims to improve upon the policymaking experience he gained on the Hill and further develop the skills needed to foster positive change in the realms of climate and security policy.


Schyler Edmundson

Executive Vice-President

Having grown up in British Columbia, Schyler’s interests are in economic sustainability and environmental conservation. Prior to the MPPGA program, she graduated from UBC with an honours degree in English Literature and has since been actively involved in various fields of communications. She has extensive experience working for Vancouver based investment firms who focus on technology development. Over the years, she has collaborated with several non-for-profit foundations and has consistently participated in TED since 2016. Her goal for pursuing education at the MPPGA program is to participate in Canadian and international policy-making processes to correct environmental injustices and unsustainable agricultural policies and reinforce the use of renewable energy resources.


Solomon Atta

VP External

Solomon was born and grew up in Ghana and graduated from the University of Ghana in 2011 with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Sociology. In 2013, he started a career with the Local Government Service of Ghana as a Budget Analyst at the Ejura-Sekyedumase Municipal Assembly. For five years, Solomon played a significant role in improving the lives of rural folk through prudent revenue and expenditure management, as well as designing and implementing programs of the annual budget geared toward poverty alleviation and socioeconomic development for the Municipality. At the MPPGA program Solomon currently has a special interest in the nexus between decentralization and socioeconomic development.


Chengkun Lv

VP Finance

Chengkun first studied history at UBC before enrolling in the MPPGA program. He focusd on studying the interaction between China and the West, with a particular attention to the 18th Century and the South China Sea today. Born and raised in a province economically driven by coal and steel production in China, Chengkun has a natural interest in energy security and economic transformation. He started to pursue such interests by undertaking an internship at PetroChina Planning & Engineering Institia as an analyst of the natural gas market, thus working with the Long-range-Energy-Alternatives-Planning System (LEAP). He seeks to take full advantage of his experience at the MPPGA program to explore the interaction between China’s development in the security, energy, social and economic areas.


Andrés Peñaloza

VP Internal

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Andrés completed his undergraduate degree in Urban Planning in 2013 while engaging with different organizations and NGOs for the restoration of democracy in his home country. He also holds an international certificate in Project Management and has experience designing tools for multi-criteria analysis for decision-making processes. Prior to enrolling at UBC, he worked for over four years in local governments coordinating zoning and development projects, as well as working with stakeholders to settle agreements for private investment in benefit of the city. He is currently interested in building platforms for public-private partnerships, aiming to promote social and economic development in post-conflict scenarios from a multi-level government perspective. Nevertheless, one of his main goals at the MPPGA program is to be able to raise awareness among current and future global policymakers over the Venezuelan case.


Israa Noureddine

VP Professional Development

Born and raised in Vancouver, Israa graduated from the American University of Beirut with a BA in Psychology. It is within her undergraduate degree that she was given the opportunity to work with NGOs as part of her program, such as Kayany. Fluent in both English and Arabic, she led psycho-social workshops for refugee teachers and visited the refugee sites. She also had the opportunity to partake in the Hague’s inter-university year long program which introduced her to the international court of justice, special tribunals, and the decision-making process regarding international human rights violations. This experience heightened her interest in social justice and was a gateway for her to probe her interests in public policy and global affairs, which led her to initiate workshops on immigrant rights and difficulties around the world within MOSAIC’s Youthlabz program.


Alessia Rodríguez di Eugenio

VP Social Affairs

Born and raised in Venezuela, Alessia completed a BA (Hons) in International Relations, Political Science, and Sociology at the University of Toronto. Alessia’s undergraduate interdisciplinary learning experience gave her a deep understanding of the myriad complexities of the world, sparking her interest in public policy and global affairs. Her last work experience as a legal administrative assistant at a mid-size firm in Toronto introduced her into the fundamentals of debtor-creditor law and procedure. Alessia hopes to strengthen her understanding of international geopolitics, gain new skills in the design and implementation of public policy, and attempt to address the question of the exclusion of the developing South. Her passion for development stems from her philosophy that the best policies should seek to empower and integrate developing countries and their particularities as against exclusion and further dependency.

Sean Wu Retake.JPG

Sean Wu

VP Communications, The Pub Managing Editor

Sean recently completed his BA in History and Political Science at UBC, where he focused most of his studies on the perceived decline of state sovereignty in international relations. As a result, he is particularly interested in the role of cybersecurity in global governance, since the cyberspace is not defined by territorial borders. Before joining the MPPGA program, Sean worked at a startup agency in Vancouver, where he helped local businesses develop digital marketing strategies. At the MPPGA program, Sean’s primary goals are to improve his skills in policy communication and data visualization. In the future, he hopes to increase public engagement in global policy issues by presenting them in more interactive ways, as he believes that lasting policy changes can only happen when people are genuinely interested.



2018–19 The Pub Editorial Team


Claire Casher


Claire completed a BAH in Political Studies at Queen’s University, while also working as a Commissioner in the Alma Mater Society. After graduating she joined the Sunnybrook Foundation in Toronto as a Communications Associate. In search of international experience, Claire moved to South Korea to work in education and volunteer with North Korean refugees. Next, she was hired as the Communications Director of a hospitality social enterprise in Southeast Asia. Claire sees public policy as the means to apply what she has learned in her career thus far on a broader scale. She is interested in social development programs and has joined the MPPGA to build concrete skills that will help her to contribute to positive changes in the field.


Guilherme Rosales

Podcast Lead

Guilherme is a passionate, curious thinker, with many interests. In recent years his work and volunteer experience has shaped much of his focused interests in labour relations, community development and resiliency, and forestry and wildfire practices. Having primarily worked for municipal and provincial government for the past ten years, Guilherme eventually found himself being drawn to the BC Wildfire Service as a Wildland Firefighter. In this time, he also become an active union member and shop steward in the unions he has been a member of, the BCGEU and CUPE 15. He has also co-ordinated and organized neighbourhood block parties in the Oakridge area of Vancouver from 2012-2015. Most recently he became the interim Chairperson for his BCGEU Local 2004, joined the Citr Radio Stations’ News Collective and, is also a Teaching Assistant for the UBC Department of Political Science with Vantage College.